I had an urge to draw legs. Anyone ever get strange urges like that? I mean, one day its eyes, then its hands, and who knows what's next.
Hey, look, doodles from when this page didn't even have a gallery.
A drawing from my high school days. Evidently I drew them a bit fleshier then.
Rob thinks I was on mushrooms when I drew this.
Its Domo-kun! Everyone loves Domo-kun.
An effort to improve my CG skills. Didn't quite work, although I think this looks ok.
This is what happens when i watch too much cutesy anime.

Guest Art

Rob's coloured rendition of #37, proving once again that MSPaint sucks.
Non-KSD material from Charles. Why? Cause I can.
More Charles stuff.
Charles stuff from Christmas of 2001. Its going up now cause it took me that long to get around to it.

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